Manage WP – WordPress Management all in …

Manage WP – WordPress Management all in the one Place

Organise your business with Timely

Organise your business with Timely Make sure your customers never miss another appointment with fully automated SMS and email reminders. My massage therapist uses Timely – and I never miss an appointment! Click here to find out more about Timely and what it can do for your business

Font Awesome Icons Cheatsheet

Font Awesome Icons Cheatsheet

Website Speed Test with Pingdom

Website slow? Not sure why your website is lagging? Easy fix: Run this scan on your website:  This will tell you what is hogging all the resources and point you in the right direction to fix it. Pingdom built this comprehensive Website Speed Test to help you analyse the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster.…

Take handy notes anywhere using Google …

I love Google’s new note taking service: Google Keep. With Google Keep your notes are synchronised across all of your devices for quick and easy access. You can access Google Keep with any connected Gmail or Google Suite Account. Fall in love with Google Keep – try it here.