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As I learn something new of value, I create a bite-sized article here for future reference and also so I can share with my clients and with you – my readers. Enjoy!

Ben Waters


Electronics on the enthusiasts, technical level.

Amateur Ham Radio

VK2BJW – Amateur Radio Australia, from a practical technical perspective.

Business Development

Building your business online and offline. From sales to staff to suppliers and keeping a happy balance.


Adventure Touring Motorcycle – BMW R1250GS


Technology that helps you get more done with less

Online Tools

Handy tools to help you get more done online.

Image Production

Working with graphics and Images.

Personal Development

Building yourself and others through Personal Development including NLP Techniques.

Website Building

How to build websites that not only look good and work – but get found by Google.


Essential plugins and strategies for Woocommerce eCommerce online stores.

Software Tips

Handy Apps and Programs I use to get more done in my day and tips on how to use them.

Video Production

Producing and Editing Video Content.


Search Engine Optimisation tips and techniques on a global, national and local scale.


Marketing yourself and your Business


Investing in the future

IT Support Port Macquarie

Make the most of your 24 hours. Connect with your clients on a whole new level. PC Pitstop Business IT Support Port Macquarie have the systems & strategies to help you get more work done.