The Radio and Electronics School provides courses to get you on air with either the Standard Licence Multi-Media Course or the Advanced On-line Course.

Training Courses and Assessment Information

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Advanced Amateur Radio Licence Australia

The Advanced Amateur Radio Licence is the highest level of qualification for radio amateurs in Australia. It allows access to all amateur bands and modes, as well as higher power output and privileges to operate repeaters and beacons. To obtain the Advanced Licence, one must pass a written examination that covers technical, regulatory and operational aspects of amateur radio.

Standard Amateur Radio Licence Australia

The Standard Amateur Radio Licence in Australia is a type of amateur apparatus licence that allows hobbyists and experimenters to communicate on various frequency bands using different modes. It requires a higher level of qualification than the Foundation Licence, but grants more privileges such as increased power, more bands, and the ability to build or modify transmitting equipment. The Standard Licence is in line with the world standard for amateur radio operators.

Foundation Amateur Radio Licence Australia

The Foundation Amateur Radio Licence is the entry-level licence for amateur radio operators in Australia. It allows you to operate on various frequency bands with a maximum power output of 10 watts. To obtain this licence, you need to pass a practical assessment and a multiple-choice exam. The exam covers basic radio theory, regulations, and safety. The Foundation Amateur Radio Licence is a great way to start your journey in the hobby of amateur radio.