Electronics Background

I obtained my Electronics Trade Certificate through TAFE NSW, Port Macquarie Campus, back in 2000 and only just this year in 2024 obtained the first level in Amateur Radio – The Foundation licence.

Next step for myself will be the Advanced licence, allowing higher power and increased responsibility. This will leverage my exisiting electronics knowledge with additional study in regulations.

Getting started in Amateur Radio

If you are interested in becoming a radio amateur in Australia, you should consider joining an Amateur Radio Club and then start by getting an Amateur Radio Foundation Licence.

I joined the Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club here in the Port Macquarie area.

This is the easiest and most affordable way to start your journey in the world of ham radio.

With a Foundation Licence, you can operate on several frequency bands using low power and simple equipment. You can also communicate with other radio amateurs around the country and even the world.

To get a Foundation Licence, you need to pass a practical and a theory assessment. The practical assessment covers basic skills such as setting up a station, tuning a radio, and making contacts. The theory assessment tests your knowledge of radio regulations, safety, and basic electronics.

You can prepare for the assessments by studying the Foundation Licence Manual, which is available online or from your local amateur radio club. You can also join a training course offered by some clubs or organisations.

Once you pass the assessments, you can apply for your licence and call sign from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Then you are ready to enjoy the hobby of amateur radio!