How to make it in business

I now do what I want to do because I did what others weren’t prepared to do. #investinyourself
✅ I retired at age 34. 
✅ I never borrowed any money, choosing to invest every dollar I earnt back into my business.
✅ We owned 5 businesses. 10 staff.
✅ I was only 31
✅ We had to close 2 of our 5 businesses. We were burnt out.
✅ We learnt all about how to setup a PC Pitstop franchise.
✅ PC Pitstop Port Macquarie was the pilot store. 
✅ We invested $2200/month on business coaching to setup the business so it could work without us.
✅ We went to buy a big IT company. We stopped.
✅ It took 12 months to unlearn our old ways.
♥️ It finally sunk in. 
✅ The day came when my manager Tristan pulled me aside and said: “stop coming to work, you don’t need to be here”
✅ Being 34 and without need for a job, I found myself. making excuses when people asked “what, you don’t work?”
✅ Samantha was introduced to a beautiful business called Arbonne. She went to the second highest level in the company. 
✅ We invested again in personal development
✅ I couldn’t stop, so we renovated a cottage. 
✅ I couldn’t stop, so we traveled. 
✅ I read the 4 hour work week. I found I had already done most things in the book.
✅ We won 7x Business Awards. Our peers in business got jealous and stopped talking to us.
✅ That was the moment we realised what tall poppy meant.
✅ We did lots of learning, bush walks, touring, 4×4, camping
✅ We then started coaching other business owners
✅ We brain dumped everything we learnt into their businesses. They got instant results. We made lots of money 
✅ We packed up and moved to another state.
✅ I now work in PC Pitstop every 3 months. 
✅ That side coaching & consulting business now is pumping
✅ PC Pitstop works better now without us in it
✅ We only ever hire people better than us
✅ At the airport on a trip to the USA, I casually called my manager to check on something, he hears plane announcements.. “where you at?” off to the USA. “you never told me you’re going overseas!!” (I didn’t forget, I don’t need to) 
✅ This is now just the beginning. Ben & Samantha 2.0 ❤️
✅ Even bigger things are happening. We are here to lift people up to the next level. Fuck I love what we do!!