Connecting Elastic Email API to AcyMailing

Elastic Email allows you to easily connect AcyMailing for WordPress so you can send bulk emails using their API.

An API is like an extension cable. You plug one end into AcyMailing and the other into Elastic Email.

If you are hell bent on using your own email provider to send bulk email, remember this: will likely get you blacklisted. This can be devastating for business. Pro tip: use a bulk email sending provider.

I have been using AcyMailing for years from back in the days when most of our web builds were using the Joomla CMS. Back then AcyMailing was relaible, but had a really clunky interface.

The new updated version is very slick and has a drag and drop interface. Best of all, it is hosted as a plugin on your own website. So you have full control.

We build email solutions for end users, not techs

We like to built the infrastructure and ideally hand it over to the client. Sure we offer all the ongoing service and support, but we like our clients to embrace their technology so they actually use it.

It just made it really hard when the old version of AcyMailing made you stand on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your belly. Their intention back then was good, but the execution in the user interface for normal every day people was seriously lacking.

Then Mailchimp Came Along

Mailchimp came along and made it easy for every day people to build email lists, design emails and bulk send. They had a pretty and easy to use interface. Perfect for end users. BTW we still have some clients using Mailchimp, usually smaller clients. But the issue with Mailchimp is it gets really expensive when you want to grow your email database. I found it really hard to justify the investment when you know how much it really costs to send emails.

Enter Elastic Email

You can use Elastic Email either as the same way as Mailchimp and pay their higher monthly fee, or go the cheaper route which requires just a little more work and plug it into the new version on AcyMailing for WordPress.

The cheaper route utalises their API. At the time of writing, at the beginning of 2020, the API cost is $0.09USD / 1000 emails sent.

Elastic Email API Pricing

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