Most people I train in computer classes have never heard of Google Drive, let alone Google Drive Sync.

It still baffles me to this day that the majority of people still don’t even backup to an external physical device like a USB Stick or an External Hard Disk Drive.

What everyday people who usually put this all in the “too hard basket” need is a simple solution.

Google Drive Sync is that solution.

Google Drive Sync is a very simple to setup and use program that runs on your computer in the background and does all the hard work of backing up your critical and precious files automatically for you.


If you already have a Google Account, then you’re already 3/4 of the way there. A Google account would either be a @gmail address or a Google Apps/G-Suite Account.

The other 1/4 comes from downloading and installing Google Drive Sync – Click here to download direct from Google.

Simply run and install the program, enter in your Google Account Details and then let Google Drive Sync do the rest.

What Google Drive Sync does is it creates a “Google Drive” folder on your computer. Anything that you save or move to the Google Drive folder automatically gets copied to your Google Cloud Drive.

That’s it! Too easy.

Another great benefit is if you want to share your files with someone else you trust, you can easily share via Google Drive or even easier – get your friend to install Google Drive Sync on their computer, then they will have access to the files and folders you share with them on their computer.

Google has done a lot of work to make this as easy as possible, and trust me when I say there is a lot harder ways to backup your data. I’ve seen them all and the beauty is often in it’s simplicity.