How to use WordPress Ping List for faster indexing of a new blog post.

Using the built in WordPress Ping List is a great way to get your blog listed automatically with search engines.

How the WordPress ping list feature works is whenever you publish, modify or edit a post, WordPress will send a ping telling of your update to all the ping services listed under your ping update services in the wordpress control panel.

WordPress, by default only comes with one ping service, but I have turbocharged that list and over time created my own list that I add to all my WordPress websites to help Google rankings.

My WordPress Ping List

Here is my list – feel free to copy and share. I am always adding to this list and use this page whenever I setup a WordPress website, so this too is my main resource. Feel free to leave a comment of any of your own Ping Services.

Adding these links will be just one small step in building your SEO footprint – Search Engine Optimisation.