The configuration of the email settings for most contact forms in Joomla! 3 can be accessed by going to System > Global Configuration > Server and changing settings under Mail Settings.

The following works for Gmail / Google Suite / GSuite / Google Apps email.

To configure Joomla to use your Gmail and Google Suite / GSuite / Google Apps account, use the following settings:

  • Mailer -> SMTP
  • From Email ->
  • From Name -> This will be either your site name or your/the contact’s name
  • SMTP Authentication -> Yes
  • SMTP Security -> SSL
  • SMTP Port -> 465 (Try this port first and if it doesn’t work, then try 587)
  • SMTP Username ->
  • SMTP Password -> your password for this email address
  • SMTP Host ->

*Pro tip – make sure you save your changes and then test all your contact forms on the front end of your website – double check all these settings work and you are sending and receiving emails correctly.