Troubleshooting missing green padlock on your SSL Site

While working on one of my websites installing a SSL Certificate – Secure Socket Layer Certificate, I could not work out why the padlock up the top in the address bar would not go green.

I knew it was from something that was loading externally from a website or domain that was not secure – ie – using the “http://” prefix instead of the “https://” prefix.

Knowing this – the next thing I had to do was find out which sites or images were being asked for external content that was not secure – meaning – without “https://” at the beginning.

To do this, I used a really simple to use tool from a website called “Why No Padlock”

With Why no Padlock, I was able to enter in my secure site and then the tool would go to work reading my site and returning the results of its secure search.

I found the offending files being loaded externally from a non SSL Secure server on Amazon. Easy fixed in my case, I either changed the code to “https://” or copied the files I needed to my own server and hosted them locally then redirected the code to my own files. EASY!

You can find out more about Why No Padlock by clicking here.

Best of luck fixing the green padlock button on your SSL Site!