Universal HF antenna bracket kit

The HF Antenna Bracket Kit is a product that allows you to mount your HF antenna on your vehicle. It is designed to be compatible with most HF antennas and vehicles, and it is easy to install on your canopy.

I have done a lot of searching, and found this bracket to be the best option without having to custom manufacture a mounting bracket.

Codan 3040 Antenna Tuner Mount

The Codan 3040 Antenna tuner Mount allows you to install and adjust a HF antenna on your metal canopy.

Canopy HF Antenna Mount Kit Contents

Kit includes 1 outer bracket, 1 inner support bracket and mounting hardware.

Mounting surface of outer bracket measures 170mm x 170mm.

Could fit other locations along rear wall by mounting inner support bracket through floor instead of to door frame.

Drilling of canopy required to fit.

Codan HF Antenna Mount Aluminium Canopy

Codan HF Antenna Mount Aluminium Canopy